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Duration: 90 minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment details

Price: £55

You ache; your muscles are tight, tense and knotted up; You need a deeper massage to sort out those underlying muscular problems - This is the type of massage you need. Great for deep and persistent muscular aches and pains, and perfect for all you gym junkies and sports lovers. Deep tissue massage works layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to change posture and create freedom of movement


It is worth mentioning that Deep tissue massage is not for relaxation, and should not be booked for a relaxing session. Some elements of the massage can be a little on the painful side, and may still be felt up to 48 hours after treatment, however will do the muscles the world of good in the longer term. During a deep tissue session I use my thumbs, forearms, fsits and elbows to stretch each muscle and fascia layer by layer.


For best results a deep tissue massage is best booked as a 90 minute session for the whole body.



A frequently asked question is "What is the difference between a Swedish Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage". The difference is actually quite a big one; Choose Swedish massage for relaxation and to increase circulation of blood and lymph, for relief of pain, improved mood and improved sleep. Choose deep tissue massage for chronic pain that is muscular in origin, to improve posture and range of motion.

To improve athletic performance, use deep tissue massage off-season as it produces changes in movement to which you need to become accustomed before competing.


Price: £75


Cancer (unless with GP note)




Autoimmune Disease


Infectious diseases or conditions

Open cuts or wounds


Broken Bones

Extreme diabetes


FAQ: Deep Tissue or Swedish...?


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Duration: 120 minutes

Price: £100