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Hypersensitive skin

Disorders of the circulatory system

Extreme diabetes


Open wounds/ cuts


Contagious skin disorders or conditions


Duration: 30 minutes


Caffiene cellulite scrub

Duration: 45 minutes


Body Scrub

Treatment Overview

Treatment details

Price: £20

A luxurious body scrub to remove excess debris from the surface of the skin; dead skin cells and dirt melt away to leave the skin soft and smooth. Combine with a massage afterward for the maximum benefit and smooth, soft skin!


Going on holiday? A scrub is great before tanning the skin, and is guaranteed to make your tan last longer.



For a more intensive treatment why not try an AHA body wash? Using gentle citric acids to melt away the excessive debris on the top layer of the skin, perfect for those who have very sensitive skin or who do not like the 'scrubbing' action in a grainy scrub.




Worried about cellulite? Then we have the solution for you! A vigorous caffeine scrub, using ground up coffee beans clears away the dead cells on the surface of the skin, and when applied topically the caffeine and anti oxidants found in coffee work to tighten and energize the skin whilst promoting circulation, giving it the ability to smooth out skin and reduce cellulite. As Caffeine also dilate the blood vessels it has also been known to reduce varicose veins!


Please note that this is proven to work but is NOT a miracle cure, and will require repeated sessions!


We are also able to offer a scrub using honey rather than oil. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and purifying agent, and moisturizes and softens the skin. All of my body scrubs are hand made, and therefore I am able to tailor the treatment to your needs, ensuring a bespoke session every time!


AHA wash

Duration: 30 minutes


Price: £25

Price: £30

Sensitive skin concerns..?

Say goodbye to cellulite!


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