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Duration: 90 minutes

As with all treatments there are contraindications however these can be worked around depending on the oils used - please ensure that during consultation you give full and accurate medical information to ensure you get the most from this treatment.


Treatment details

Price: £75


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Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that focusses on the sense of smell by utilising essential oils to bring about different effects. The first mention of aromatherapy in history was in 1910, when a French chemist named  René-Maurice Gattefossé who used Lavender oil to heal a burnt hand.


Each oil has it's own scent, and properties (for example, tea tree is anti microbial and is great on an acneic or oily skin; Lavender is healing and can heal fresh scars) When blended with a base oil these essential oils can have an amazing effect on whole body (physically, physiologically and psychologically)


After your consultation I will gather the oils required for your treatment and blend them - we will begin with inhalation of the blend, followed by gentle massage, using the chosen oils to create different effects. Pressure point massage will help to release tension, your choice of essential oils will awaken your senses and the whole treatment will leave you feeling revitalised.


Aromatherapy sessions may only be booked at least 24 hours in advance, and require a consultation prior to treatment to allow for selection and blending of required oils (this can be a telephone consultation and is to ascertain the reasons for treatment).



Please note that we do not stock a full range of oils at all times, so feel free to bring your own, or mention in advance if there is a particular scent you would like for your treatment.